Author, speaker, trainer and dental consultant specialising in practice lifestyle and organisation.

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This is Me

I am dedicated to inspiring a cultural shift in the way dentists and their teams work with the ultimate aim being to create healthier and happier dental personnel, patients and practices.

I have four decades of experience in various roles across more than 200 dental practices and have worked with more than 1800 personnel in both the public and private sectors.

I am committed to addressing what I see as the daily irony experienced by most dental personnel ...

"they go to work each day with the aim of improving the health of others but actually end up compromising their own".

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Spreading the Word

I have been delivering my message through a variety of services, each designed to inspire, educate and support dental professionals.

These services have included speaking engagements, workshops, coaching and mentoring, practice audits and training programs.

Today, I am focused on developing partnerships with organisations that can spread the message further still and in 2018 I founded dental & me to drive my work in this new direction.

dental & me

life inside and outside the practice

dental & me

dental & me is a new concept in caring for dental professionals everywhere.

Through dental & me, I am working to raise awareness of the significant challenges facing dental professionals in their everyday lives and to dismantle the accepted belief that a career in dentistry will involve stress, injury, illness and burnout.

More and more we are coming to understand that our wellness is at the very heart of living a fulfilling life and dental & me is ushering in much needed change by actively supporting and promoting the wellbeing of dental professionals both inside and outside the practice.

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